I've been trying out more of the Hearthstone classes. So far I'm very fond of Mage, Paladin, and Hunter. Warlock I'm on the fence about. It's strong, but I'm unsure it suits me. I might just be bitter from losing to literally nothing but Warlocks in the Arena mode though. We should talk about that Arena at some point, actually.

Anyways, I've had enough fun with the game that I decided to go ahead and throw a little bit of money at Blizzard. My decision may or may not have been influenced by the promo offer for getting the golden Gelbin Mekkatorque card if you use the Hearthstone shop during the beta period.

And by "may or may not have" I mean it definitely was. I'm a sucker for promo cards. Plus this pops up when you get it so that's cool.

Beta Hero! That's me. Yep. I'm a chronic masterbetatester.
I actually had trouble getting the "Beta Hero!" pop-up box to go away. I closed out the store and everything and it remained. Yes, okay Blizzard. You're welcome. Please make your box go away now so that I can actually open the packs I got.

Now, the actual pack opening isn't new to me since I've been getting them with gold from playing the game. I haven't made a huge effort to earn gold, though, since there is a planned beta wipe coming. Knowing this, I actually had kind of mixed feelings regarding opening my packs. On the one hand, I want good draws because...you know, card game. On the other hand I don't want amazing draws because I know that when I'm given my real-money purchased packs back post wipe that I'm going to end up with worse things just because that's how my luck will inevitably play out.

So, let's see what happens. Pack number one!
I'll go ahead and say that only getting 5 cards in a pack feels slightly lame. I don't think it's a bad deal as far as money is concerned; but I really enjoy the process of opening boosters and more cards in a single pack always feels good. This is over very quickly and it just flat out isn't as enjoyable as opening a Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering booster and getting a two digit number of cards. It's worth noting that the cheapest transaction for buying Hearthstone packs is 10 cards (2 packs) for $2.99. So I'm still actually getting a two digit number of cards for a reasonable price. If I were to go down to the Target right now and buy a 10 card booster for whatever the current Pokemon set is it would run me $3.99.

In this case, I'm getting 10 cards (non physical, admittedly) for cheaper. But if you're using Gold you're only going to get 5 cards at a time and that's where these tiny Hearthstone boosters feel a bit insubstantial.

With that out of the way let's evaluate what I actually got. You always get at least a "Rare" which is the Eaglehorn Bow in the above picture. As per World of Warcraft, Rare is marked by the color blue. See the blue gem under the card's name? That's how you know. That's a decent weapon. And Deadly Shot is a nice way to clear enemies off the field for a Hunter deck when you're going for a zerg. The two Conceals I'm not as thrilled about. That's not bad for utility for a defensive play since Stealthed minions can't be attacked directly until after they themselves attack but I just don't play Rogue enough right now to be excited. The Farseer is a decent but rather standard minion. Decent draw -- about what I expected.

Let's open the other one.
See this is what I meant about being fearful of really good draws. I got my Rare in the form of a very nice Azure Drake. +Spellpower cards are always appealing to me seeing as how I play Mage so much. I also drew an Epic (Purple gem, the Shadow Priest). And even a Legendary (!!!) in the form of Malygos. Holy crap does Malygos provide a ton of spellpower. And unlike most of the spellpower minions I have so far he has enough health to actually stay in the game (barring getting hit with something unfortunate like Hex or Polymorph).

The Cabal Shadow Priest is really solid too. While some may scoff at the notion of only being able to take control of low attack value minions with it, it's worth noting that you can take over plenty of utility providing minions to deny your enemy the bonuses they provide. Her mana cost is a bit high but it's understandable considering how badly you can potentially disrupt an opponent's card synergy just by putting her down on the table. And if they kill her? Who cares, the damage is already done.

Priestess of Elune is straightforward and not very exciting. Meanwhile, Mark of Nature is a nice, flexible buff card for those that play Druid.

This pack was a lot of fun to draw and makes me want to immediately go and use some of these cards. I should also probably mention that there's a Dwarf character who gets really excited when you pull a card of at least Rare, um, rarity. It's pretty fun to hear him yell "Rare!" the moment before you lay eyes on your new prize. That brief anticipation is even sweeter when he yells "Epic!" and "Legendary?!?!"

So yeah. I'm pretty happy right now. Hopefully my post-wipe boosters will be as good. And if not, well, there's always more packs where these came from.

So, I'm going to play some cards now.

Although first I do have to say that it's really nice how quickly you can throw a deck together and start playing against other people without having to put on pants. Friday Night Magic being at the local comic shop is cool and all but for me it has nothing on Whenever The Crap I Want Hearthstone.

If you want to see more stuff like this or more class specific focus posts or want me to shut the hell up about Hearthstone or whatever the crap, consider letting me know. I've been getting messages on MMO-Champion about these posts, which is great! And I love the feedback. It helps. So contact me. Leave a comment here, message me at MMO-C. Or just e-mail me at psj@puppetshowjustice.com.

Or don't. I'm going to keep playing cards and posting either way. Until next time!

30/08/2013 12:41am

Hey I saw in your signature that if I left a comment it would make your day.
Have a nice day.


30/08/2013 6:16am

Heh. Thanks, man.


You can play for free, but it sure is a whole lot faster and easier to be able to play with the non-basic cards that you can only get from booster packs. My win percentage in Ranked mode went from about 20% to 72% (tracked the first 100 matches - and I won 72 of them) after I bought 40 booster packs.

I've been in the Hearthstone Beta since Day One and I've written an article about how to unlock packs and grind gold as a beginner. I hope it helps new players to get on the right path to be efficient and not waste time and effort like I did originally when I went blindly into the beta.

Check out the full article here:


27/10/2013 6:56pm

I saw your blog on mmo-champ

Just read like 5 of your articles, it's good stuff.

I'll be back for sure!

Tom wahlgren
03/11/2013 4:31pm

do u have a beta key over ?


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